We believe the UK is well placed to build an internationally leading capability in the practice of Industrial Sustainability and to benefit from that leadership economically, environmentally and socially. By making the UK a country that knows how to manufacture products while using less energy and less resources we increase the likelihood of retaining existing production and even on-shoring the production of currently imported goods.

The Centre for Industrial Sustainability supports cross-industry learning, shared technical research and the intellectual development of this rapidly evolving subject.


The Centre operates out of 4 Universities - Cambridge, Cranfield, Imperial College, and Loughborough - with a track record of success in the core elements needed in sustainable manufacturing. Operating together we are able to draw upon our individual strengths to create enhanced capabilities and collaborative research. 


Our success can only be achieved with the close collaboration of businesses that are facing these challenges. All of our research programmes run with one or more industry partners. Our executive includes business and academic representatives to set direction and decide which projects we fund. Our members are able to access much of the research at an early stage and so help test findings in a wider community.

An annual review of the Centre's activities is published every September. Download a copy of the Centre more recent annual review here.  

Science Lab


We envisage a more environmentally and economically sustainable future for all manufacturing with a resilient industrial sector adapting to uncertain future conditions and operating their businesses in ways that do not compromise the needs of future generations. 

We see our role in this transition as a partner with industry, carrying out effective interdisciplinary research that delivers ideas, knowledge and solutions in management practice, technology and policy to create lasting impact  for the whole manufacturing sector. 

We do this through:

> Understanding factory performance and developing tools to  drive effective reductions in the use of resources

> Providing the systems and tools to design and manage the next generation of factories

> Providing frameworks for sustainable business models

> Enabling and driving sustainable industrial policy development