Cranfield University

Who are we?

Cranfield's mission to transform knowledge into ingenious solutions in science, technology and management places us at the forefront of some of the world's most practical, cutting-edge projects.

From unique cabin evacuation research to finding life on Mars, from a frost blanket for racecourses to zero-emission cars, and from the next generation of anti-landmine devices to a new blood glucose monitor, Cranfield's focus is squarely on the application of its research.

Cranfield has a global reputation for inspirational teaching and research, industrial-scale facilities and superior links with industry and commerce.

As a wholly postgraduate institution, Cranfield is the first choice for ambitious and skilled individuals wishing to enroll on Masters', Doctorate and professional development programmes.

The Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre is based within the Manufacturing and Materials department within the School of Applied Sciences.

The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility is based within the School of Management.

Where are we?

The School of Applied Sciences and the School of Management are both based on the Cranfield campus, which is located in the heart of Bedfordshire.

What do we do?

Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre - School of Applied Sciences

Cranfield's Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre mission is to deliver improvements in manufacturing performance. The Centre's specialisms are: sustainable manufacturing, manufacturing systems, simulation and modelling techniques, manufacturing processes, energy efficiency, supply chain and manufacturing management and costing. 

Early engagement with the EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability has been in exploring how to catalogue eco-efficient manufacturing practices, and how to combine the simulation of production plants and building services for more effective energy modelling of factories.

Doughty Centre - School of Management

The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility works to empower current and future managers with the knowledge, skills, and desire to lead, responsible, sustainable managed organisations.

As a research centre within the Cranfield University School of Management, it is uniquely positioned to:

  • Engage with first-class research across disciplines, as part of the School's Collective focus on 'knowledge into action'.
  • Engage with students through teaching on Cranfield MBA, MSc and executive education courses.
  • Engage with industry, the public sector, and business/CR coalitions to promote sustainable management practice in their organisations.

Early engagement with the EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability has been in exploring how responsible innovation can change the types of products and services companies can offer, and how open science can help to transfer knowledge more effectively between the scientific and industrial communities.


How can you find out more?

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