The Centre runs projects that address three key waves of industrial change:

  • Eco-efficiency - How to we make current products in a low-carbon, resource efficient manner.
  • Eco-factory - How to transform our factories and products.
  • Sustainable Industrial Systems - Explore how the entire industrial system might change. 

Projects aim to conduct research into these waves, delivering practical results including: 

  • Knowledge, and tools which companies use.
  • Future leaders in research, policy and practice.
  • Policy support.

The projects we conduct range in scale and scope from short 3-6 months long exploratory projects, to extensive "Grand Challenge" projects lasting 3 years and involving 8+ person years of effort. We will also use individual PhDs to explore areas related to or on the edge of Grand Challenge projects.

You can find the initial suite of "Grand Challenge" project titles below:

  • Performance variation.
  • Resource efficient manufacturing.
  • Zero-waste zero emissions factories.
  • Eco-intelligent factories.
  • Sustain Value.
  • Configurations for sustainable industrial systems.







Projects -diagram

Project Gantt