The Centre provides knowledge and tools to help manufacturers profit from the opportunities of a sustainable future.

Research Themes 

  • Sustainable business innovation: Re-thinking business models, Map value to create new business models
  • Eco-efficient manufacturing: Identify waste and model factory resource flows
  • Industrial system transformation: Visions of future industry, Mapping future industrial systems
  • Eco factory technologies: Resource efficient manufacturing, Eco-efficient control systems 


New Tools for Sustainable Businesses

The Centre has produced a number of tools to help manufacturers become more sustainable. Here are a few: 

  • Mapping value in business networks
  • Finding uncaptured value across product lifecycles
  • Transforming businesses to capture new value
  • Manufacturing efficiency toolkit
  • Energy saving activities for factory staff
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  • Circularity thinking toolkit
  • Systems mapping and capability assessment 

  Read more about our tools here


Policy Support for Decision Makers

The Centre provides considerable support to Governments, NGO's and policy makers. Recent examples are:  

  • UK Parliament: Sustainable Manufacturing Commission  
  • Foresight: The Future of Manufacturing to 2050  
  • UNIDO: Manufacturing policy for New Economies  
  • Next Manufacturing Revolution: Non-labour resource efficiency