Tools are at the heart of our impact plan and tool-building is an additional skill that we demand of our researchers.  Our research outputs are carefully turned into pilot tools that we use with our members. After this assisted testing, we re-build the tools so that they can be used as widely as possible.  

Read about our first 20 tools in in our Sustainable Business Tools Catalogue.


Learn more about a few of our tools below. 

Cambridge Value Mapping Tool

The Campbridge Value Mapping Tool has been developed to elicit failed value exchanges among multiple stakeholders in the network of the firm and uncover new value opportunities through a structured and visual approach. 

Sustainable Value Analysis Tool

This tool helps identify opportunities to create sustainable value by analysing the captured and failed value throughout the entire life cycle of products.  

Sustainable Business Model Archetypes

Sustainable business model archetypes are groupings of mechanisms and solutions that contribute to building up the business model for sustainability. The aim is to develop a common language that can be used to accelerate the development of sustainable business models in research and practice. 

Systems Mapping and Capability Assessment Toolkit 

This toolkit supports businesses and individuals in exploring possible future industrial systems and identifying priorities and actions that can be taken to move towards sustainable industrial systems.