Sustainable Value Analysis



The Sustainable Value Analysis Tool (SVAT) is designed to help manufacturing companies identify opportunities to create sustainable value by analysing the captured and uncaptured value throughout the entire life cycle of products. Uncaptured value exists in almost all companies. Some uncaptured value is visible, e.g. waste streams in production, co-products, under-utilised resources, and reusable components of broken products; some is invisible, e.g. over capacity of labour, insufficient use of expertise and knowledge. Reducing any kind of the uncaptured value would create sustainable value. However, identifying the uncaptured value and creating value from it is not always easy. The tool supports this process, providing companies with a scheme to systematically look for each form of value uncaptured (i.e. value surplus, value absence, value destroyed and value missed) at the beginning, middle and end of the product life cycle, and with a method to turn the identified value uncaptured into value opportunities. The SVAT has been well received in 25 manufacturing companies across various sectors and of various sizes. It helped them find opportunities to create value internally and to discover the potential of creating mutual value externally. The tool has also been used for other purposes such as research, consultancy, business education and university education. For more information contact doctoral researcher Miying Yang


People involved in this research and development of this tool                

PI - Prof Steve Evans 

Research Team

Miying Yang
Dr Doroteya Vladimirova
Dr Padmakshi Rana
Dr Maria Holgado 

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