• Webinar on 5 March: Resource Efficient Manufacturing [more]
  • Research position at Cranfield University [more]
  • Launch of New Parliamentary Manufacturing Commission [more]
  • New Project at Loughborough on 'High Speed Energy Efficient Manufacturing of Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells' [more]
  • Analysis of Changeover Processes in Factories  [more]
  • Executive Education - New Tools for Sustainable Businesses [more]
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As we all experience the changes forecast for the world over the next few decades, this Centre has a vision for how manufacturing will be central to the process of change.

On this site you can find out more about how the challenges are evolving, what researchers and industry are doing to meet them and how you can be part of the solutions.

Our working areas:


To create a strong and resilient manufacturing sector that creates high-quality jobs, a balanced economy, and addresses social and environmental needs while being competitive in a global, low-carbon, resource-efficient economy. 

We have identified three specific and connected waves of change; Eco-efficiency, Eco-factories and a Sustainable Industrial Systems. Our goal is to work with industrial partners to organise and run the research that is needed to allow industry to smoothly ride these waves. In doing this we will assist industrial partners to bring sustainable methods into the day to day operation of their businesses - gaining competitive advantage, increasing their resilience, controlling costs and building their brands. 


      Conference Video      Hugo Spowers - Conf Keynote

 Annual Conference Exhibition    Can a Business Ever Be Truly                            Interviews                                Sustainable?                                                                                Hugo Spowers, Riversimple


The Centre operates out of 4 Universities with a track record of success in the core elements needed in sustainable manufacturing. We have a membership programme to ensure manufacturing businesses both help set the research agenda and actively participate in projects. Operating together we are able to draw upon our individual strengths to create enhanced capabilities and collaborative research.

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Our success can only be achieved with the close collaboration of businesses that are facing these challenges. All of our research programmes are expected to run with one or more industry partners. Our executive is required to have equal numbers of business and academic representatives to set direction and decide which projects we fund. Our members are able to access much of the research at an early stage and so help test findings in a wider community.

To ensure we have engaged effectively with industry we have a membership programme, which allows the participating businesses to become engaged in the operation of the Centre.

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University of Cambridge

Loughborough University

Cranfield University

Imperial College London