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  • Can sixth form students improve your factory? [more]
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We envisage a more environmentally and economically sustainable future for all manufacturing with a resilient industrial sector adapting to uncertain future conditions and operating their businesses in ways that do not compromise the needs of future generations. 

We see our role in this transition as a partner with industry, carrying out effective interdisciplinary research that delivers ideas, knowledge and solutions in management practice, technology and policy to create lasting impact  for the whole manufacturing sector. 

We do this through:

> Understanding factory performance and developing tools to  drive effective reductions in the use of resources

> Providing the systems and tools to design and manage the next generation of factories

> Providing frameworks for sustainable business models

> Enabling and driving sustainable industrial policy development


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               Prof Gunter Pauli     
           Zero Emmisions Research
              and Initiatives (ZERI)   

        Change the rules of the game
         if we wish to change society
               and industry towards


                Mike Barry
            Marks & Spencer

    Insights into building a truly
         sustainable business    





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